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Type of Measure: The Repetitive Behaviour Questionnaire (RBQ-2) is a 20-item evaluation tool that was developed from two existing semi-structured interview measures, the Repetitive Behaviors Interview and the Diagnostic Interview for Social and Communication Disorders. The RBQ-2 broadly measures unusual sensory interests, repetitive motor movements, rigidity/adherence to routine, and preoccupations with restricted patterns of interest.

Target Population: Children 15 - 35 months of age

Measurement properties and previous use: RBQ-2 developers assert that the questionnaire has good internal consistency (alpha = 0.85 overall), inter-item validity, and across samples reliability validity, which was examined using two geographical subsamples from Northeast England. An exploratory factor analysis was carried out, and a four-factor model was retained. The coefficient alpha statistics for each of the four sub-scales suggest acceptable internal consistency (repepitive movements alpha = 0.80; rigidity alpha = 0.75; preoccupations alpha = 0.72; and sensory interest alpha = 0.66).

Languages: English; The original RBQ is also available in Dutch and Hebrew.
A note from the authors: We are happy for researchers from other countries to contact us with a view to translating the RBQ for their own use. However, it is essential to maintain effective use of the tool and to enable the development of comparable research that can contribute to the field that there is only one validated translation per language – rather than multiple alternative translations in circulation. Anyone who wishes to be involved in translation, back-translation and validation is encouraged to contact us directly: Professor Helen McConachie: Dr. Jacqui Rodgers:

Authors and Citation:
Leekam, S., Tandos, J., McConachie, H., Meins, E., Parkinson, K., Wright, C., … & Couteur, A. L. (2007). Repetitive behaviours in typically developing 2‐year‐olds. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry, 48(11), 1131-1138.

Licence: This measure is free to use. Specific terms and conditions of use have not yet been specified.

Link to measure: RBQ-2

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