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Type of Measure: The Trivandrum Development Screening Chart (TDSC) is a 51-item assessment of cognitive and motor milestones for children 0-6 years old. The test-giver first assesses the actual age of the child by drawing a vertical line through the chart through their age. If the child can complete any items that are to the left of the line, then there is no delay for that item. If an item lies to the left of the line and the child cannot complete the item, then there is an item delay assumed. The tool is designed to be a simple method for community health workers to assess a child’s development and recommend interventions as necessary. It is not for assessing the developmental age of the child or for the diagnosis of a developmental disability.

Target Population: Created for community health workers in India and designed for use in children 0-6 years with potential developmental delays

Measurement properties and previous use: The validity of this measure was assessed in a community of 1,183 children with a mean age of 35.38 months. It was validated against the Denver Developmental Screening Test (DDST). The sensitivity analysis was found to be 84.62% (95% CI: 71.92-93.12) and the specificity analysis was 90.8% (95% CI: 88.97-92.43).

Languages: English

Authors and Citation: Nair, M. K. C., Nair, G. H., George, B., Suma, N., Neethu, C., Leena, M. L., & Russell, P. S. S. (2013). Development and validation of Trivandrum Development Screening Chart for children aged 0-6 years [TDSC (0-6)]. The Indian Journal of Pediatrics, 80(2), 248-255.

Licence: (c) Dr. K C Chaudhuri Foundation 2013

Link to measure: Trivandrum Development Screening Chart (TDSC)

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