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Type of Measure: The Adult Scale of Hostility and Aggression: Reactive/Proactive (A-SHARP) is an instrument for measuring aggressive and hostile behavior in adults. The scale consists of five subscales: (1) Verbal Aggression, (2) Physical Aggression, (3) Hostile Affect, (4) Covert Aggression, and (5) Bullying

Target Population: Adults with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

Measurement properties and previous use: The psychometric properties of A-SHARP was assessed based on caregiver ratings of 512 adults. The study found that A-SHARP’s internal consistency were strong, with mean item subscale correlations ranging from 0.67 to 0.78 for the Problem scale. The median interrater (ICC) correlation coefficient was 0.75 for the Problem scale and 0.65 for the Provocation scale, again highly acceptable. Matlock, S.T.& Aman, M.G., 2014

Languages: English

Authors and Citation: Matlock, S.T. & Aman, M. (2011). Development of the Adult Scale of Hostility and Aggression: Reactive–Proactive (A-SHARP). American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities, 116, 130-141.

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Link to measure: : The Adult’s Scale of Hostility and Aggression: Reactive/Proactive (C-SHARP)