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Type of Measure: (from the paper): The AAA links two measures together: the Autism Quotient and the Empathy Quotient. Each AAA interview took on average 3 hours, including patient history, background, and to provide feedback on the diagnosis.

Target Population: Adults

Measurement properties and previous use: (summarized from the paper): The authors report that it is more conservative than the corresponding DSM-IV criteria, after being tested on a sample of 42 people attending Asperger syndrome service at a university.

Languages: English, German, Spanish, French (possibly others that are not submitted to ARC website).

Authors and Citation: S. Baron-Cohen, S. Wheelwright, J. Robinson and M. Woodbury-Smith, (2006) The Adult Asperger Assessment (AAA): A Diagnostic Method. JADD

Licence: From their website: “Our tests are posted on our website to enable free access to academic researchers. (from the translations): Intellectual property ownership of tests developed by the ARC rests with the University of Cambridge and the researchers/staff it employs who developed the test. Permission to translate a test is granted by the ARC as author-permission, and it is up to the translator to seek permission from the journal where the test was first published in English if they also wish to obtain the publisher-permission. In many cases, copyright of the test may rest with the publisher. Translations are posted on the ARC website for use for free by researchers world-wide.

Link to measure: Available on same page as all Autism Research Centre instruments

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