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Type of Measure: The Autism Parenting Stress Index (APSI) is tool is a measure of parental stress as perceived by parents/guardians of young children with autism. If reflects the physical, social, and communication barriers imposed by the disability. As such, the items on this test fall into three categories: the core social disability, difficult-to-manage behavior, and physical issues. The test is designed to indicate how much stress parents are experiencing and what factors are causing this stress.

Target Population: Parents/caregivers of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Measurement properties and previous use: Validity of this tool was established through a study with 274 children under the age of six with a Cronbach’s alpha of .827. An exploratory factor analysis suggested three factors impacting parenting stress: one relating to core deficits, one to co-morbid behavioral symptoms, and one to co-morbid physical symptoms.

Languages: English

Authors and Citation: Silva, L. M., & Schalock, M. (2012). Autism parenting stress index: Initial psychometric evidence. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders,42(4), 566-574.

Licence: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons © LMTSilva Nov. 2011. This instrument is protected by copyright; it may not be altered or sold. Permission is granted for duplication free of charge.

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