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Type of Measure: The DENVER II is a measure of developmental problems in young children. It was designed to assess child performance on various age-appropriate tasks and compares a given child’s performance to the performance of other children the same age. The instrument consists of 125 tasks, which broadly reflect the following areas: personal-social, fine motor-adaptive, language, and gross motor.

Target Population: Infants and pre-school age children (i.e. birth to six years of age)

Measurement properties and previous use: Four types of reliability were assessed (inter-rater, 5- to 10-minute test-retest, 7- to 10-day test-retest (same examiner and same observer), and 7- to 10-day test-retest (inter-examiner and inter-observer). The percent agreement rate for each of the four types of reliability was generally high with a few exceptions - both 7-10 day test-retest reliability assessments had mean percent agreement scores of less than 50%.

The validity of the the Denver II was established by the precision with which the ages corresponding to 25%, 50%, 75% and 90% passing for each item and subgroup had been determined. The authors indicate that the Denver II is face valid because of the manner in which it was standardized. The authors indicate that items were written and selected by professionals specializing in child development and pediatric screening.

Languages: Forms available in English and Spanish

Authors and Citation: Frankenburg, W. K., Dodds, J., Archer, P., Shapiro, H., & Bresnick, B. (1992). The Denver II: a major revision and restandardization of the Denver Developmental Screening Test. Pediatrics, 89(1), 91-97.

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