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DisabilityMeasures Survey

March 2018

We have just created a quick survey to understand how people use and approve of DisabilityMeasures. Feel free to fill out this survey to give us feedback.

Thank you!

More easily accessible measures!

September 2017

Now our measures page is divided into sections by target populations. Additionally, we have updated the autism-specific measures page to include more measures by age group.

Cheers to site accessibility!

Translations into other languages

August 2015

In order to make the site more accessible, each page now has a google translate drop-down box so one can quickly view the page in another language. This uses Google’s machine translation service, which we hope will help non-English speakers find the tools they need.

Thanks to GPEDD members for bringing up concerns about translation into other languages.

We’ve moved (to here)!

June 2015

We are now using github pages. The site should look a little nicer and load a lot faster than before. Most importantly, the entire website is now open source. Everyone is free to examine, copy, or suggest edits to the site via this repository.

Thanks to Karl Broman for his simple site tutorial, which was a huge help. mentioned in SFARI news article!

September 2013

A bit slow to post this, but we were mentioned in an article by Sarah DeWeerdt about improving the availability autism diagnostic tools on the SFARI news site. The article gives a great overview of the situation and the problems with proprietary tools; it was later republished at Scientific American.

And in general site news, we’ll be adding more measures soon.

Maureen Durkin: The Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Toward a More Inclusive World

May 2013

Maureen Durkin recently gave a keynote at IMFAR 2013, in which she advocated for greater global collaboration and barrier-free measures and screening tools.

She has made the slides available to everyone:
Maureen Durkin: “The Epidemiology of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Toward a More Inclusive World” [PDF]

Some reactions to her talk:
Francesca Happe, President of INSAR
Michael Rosanoff, Autism Speaks
Jon Brock, Macquarie University