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Type of Measure: The Parent Interview for Autism–Clinical Version was developed to measure the severity of autism symptoms across a wide range of behavioral domains. This tool is a 93 item structured interview derived from the Parent Interview for Autism (PIA) which was developed in 1993. This tool allows for parents to elicit information about autism symptomology. Items on both the PIA and PIA-CV are organized into 11 rationally derived dimensions: social relating, affective responses, imitation, peer interactions, object play, imaginative play, language understanding, non-verbal communication, motoric behaviors, sensory responses, and need for sameness. This interview takes approximately 30-35 minutes to administer. The PIA-CV is not a diagnostic tool; it has been used in group studies to measure changes in autism symptoms over time and to identify behavioral differences between young children with and without ASD.

Target Population: Children under 3 years of age

Measurement properties and previous use: There have been two studies conducted to examine the psychometric properties of the PIA–CV for a sample of children under 3 years old. Results of study 1 revealed adequate internal consistency for nine of the 11 PIA–CV dimensions, as well as significant group differences on social-communication domains between 2- year-old children with autism and a developmentally matched sample. Study 2 examined the association between changes in PIA–CV scores and changes in autism symptomatology from age 2 to age 4. Results revealed that changes on PIA–CV dimensions assessing social and communication skills were associated with clinically significant behavioral and diagnostic improvements. As such, the PIA–CV has shown to be useful in obtaining ecologically valid information from parents and measuring behavioral change in young children with autism. via Stone

Languages: English and Spanish

Authors and Citation: Stone, W. L., Coonrod, E. E., Pozdol, S. L., & Turner, L. M. (2003). The Parent Interview for Autism-Clinical Version (PIA-CV) A Measure of Behavioral Change for Young Children with Autism. Autism, 7(1), 9-30.

Licence: Permission granted from Wendy L. Stone via email

Link to measure: The Parent Interview for Autism–Clinical Version (PIA–CV)

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