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Type of Measure:  The RAADS was designed to address a major gap in screening services for adults with autism spectrum disorders. With the increased prevalence of the condition and the fact that adults are being referred or self-referred for services or diagnosis with increasing frequency, this instrument is a useful clinical tool to assist clinicians with the diagnosis of this growing population of higher functioning individuals in adulthood. quoted from the open-access article

The RAADS-R is a self-report instrument, however, the authors mention that a clinician might help a participant interpret items if they have difficulty understanding the question.

Target Population: Adults judged to have an IQ in the normal range (IQ >=80).

Measurement properties and previous use: A validation study was conducted at 9 sites (USA, Canada, England, Australia) and included adult participants (201 ASD and 578 comparisons).  Using a cut-off score of over 65 produced a specificity of 100% (i.e., no one in the comparison group was labeled as having ASD) and a sensitivity of 97% (only 3% of the ASD group did not score over 65).

Concordance with other diagnostic instruments: (quoted from article) All ASD subjects met the research diagnostic criteria of each center and had an ADOS module 4 score in the autism range (these were inclusion criteria). SRS-A scales were administered to 69 first-degree relatives of ASD subjects. The concordance rate was 95.59% (all but three scored in the “autism” range)… However, since only 69 subjects were available to complete the SRS-A, further studies are warranted.

Test-retest reliability was high, particularly for the ASD group. The test-retest sample included 30 people; 15 with ASD and 15 comparison.

Four subscales were identified: circumscribed interests, language, sensory motor, and social relatedness.

A study by Andersen et al describes the properties of the Swedish translation.  The authors of the RAADS-R also published a pilot study on the original RAADS.

Language: English, but a Swedish translation is available. The authors say that others are working on translations to other languages. An open access paper by Andersen et al (2011) about the Swedish translation has been published, but the translation is not included in the article.

Authors and Citation: Ritvo, R. A., Ritvo E. R., Guthrie, D., Ritvo, M. J., Hufnagel D. H., McMahon W. et al.  The Ritvo Autism Asperger diagnostic scale-revised (RAADS-R): A scale to assist the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder in adults: An international validation study. J Autism Dev Disord. 2011 December; 41(12): 1635–1645

Licence: The article (containing the scale items) is distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution Noncommercial License which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author(s) and source are credited. The author also posts copies of the instrument 

Link to measure: Ritvo et al. article in PubMed Central (Measure is included in this paper) Authors’ web page for RAADS-R

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