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Type of Measure: The Sense and Self-Regulation Checklist (SSC) has been developed as a parent/caregiver measure of the comorbid symptoms associated with autism. These symptoms include: include abnormal sensory responses, sleep disruption, gastrointestinal problems, self-injurious behaviors, aggression, and irritability. The checklist is useful in assessing difficulties with early self-regulation milestones in areas of sleep, digestion, self-soothing, attention, and behavior. There are six sensory subdomains (touch-pain, auditory, visual, taste-smell, hyperreactive to noninjurious stimuli, and hyporeactive to injurious stimuli). Items are rated never (0), rarely (1), sometimes (2), or often (3). Domain scores are obtained by summing the individual items. via the MIDSS website

Target Population: Children 6 years of age or younger primarily with Autism Spectrum Disorder, but can also be used for children with other disabilities

Measurement properties and previous use: This tool was validated in a study of 265 children under the age of 6 with a Cronbach’s alpha of 0.87. The findings from this study raised the possibility that sensory and self-regulatory difficulties represent a core part of autism. The study also reported two new finding discriminating autism from other groups: (1) multifocal tactile sensory impairment characterized by hyporeactivity to injurious stimuli and hyperreactivity to noninjurious stimuli. Overall the SSC has been shown to be a valid measure of sensory and self-regulatory difficulties for children under the age of six years. Additionally, it can be used as a treatment outcome measure for children with autism. It can also be used to identify patterns of sensory and self-regulatory of sensory and self-regulatory difficulties in young children with other disabilities. via the MIDSS website

Languages: English version available for download. Spanish and Chinese translations mentioned but not apparently available.

Authors and Citation: Silva, L. M., & Schalock, M. (2012). Sense and self-regulation checklist, a measure of comorbid autism symptoms: initial psychometric evidence. American Journal of Occupational Therapy, 66(2), 177-186.

Licence: This work is licensed under the Creative Commons © LMTSilva Nov. 2011. This instrument is protected by copyright; it may not be altered or sold. Permission is granted for duplication free of charge.

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